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Ancient History Crosswords






Here is a complete list of history crosswords available on Little Historians. Crosswords are a great way to review your students knowledge of history.

When doing these history crosswords, it is important to bear in mind that there is often more than one accepted spellings of a term (especially for people). So for example, Ashoka the Buddhist king is also spelt Asoka.  Students ahould be made aware of that fact in order to avoid frustration when crosswords are sent home as homework.

Maya Civilization Crossword 1

Maya Civilization Crossword 2

Early Judaism Crossword

Famous Explorers Crossword



Ancient Mesopotamia Crossword 1


 Ancient Mesopotamia Crossword 2


Ancient Egypt Crossword 1  


Ancient Egypt Crossword 2


Ancient China Crossword


Greek City-states Crossword


Athenian Democracy Crossword


Sparta in Classical Greece Crossword


The Phoenicians Crossword


The Inca Empire Crossword


Ancient India Crossword 1


Ancient India Crossword 2


Early Christianity and Rome Crossword


The Great Plague/Black Death Crossword