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Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum Resources


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Ancient China






The Chinese system of writing first developed during the Shang dynasty. Much of what we know of this pictograph writing system comes from oracle bones. Resource: Oracle Bones from the Shang Dynasty Cloze.

There were many important innovations during the Han dynasty, including paper, the civil service, and the first history of China. Resource: Innovations of the Han Dynasty Cloze.

Test your students' general knowledge of ancient China with this crossword. Resource: Ancient China Crossword.


After the Warring States period, China became united under the Qin dynasty ruler Shi Huangdi (also called Qin Shi Huang). He did much to unify the country, but he was also a cruel leader. Resource: The Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi Cloze.

The Silk Road was a trade route from China to the Mediterranean Sea that was used to transport luxury goods including silk. It was also a route for  ideas to diffuse across civilizations. Resource: The Silk Road Cloze.

Which Chinese philosopher are you? Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism were all popular schools of thought in classical China. Which of these philosophies do your students agree with? Have them take a survey to find out. Resource: Which Philosopher Are You? Confucianism and Which Philosopher Are You? Legalism