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Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum Resources


Early People/The Stone Age | Ancient Mesoptamia | Ancient Egypt | Ancient  Nubia/Kush

Ancient India |  Ancient China | Early Judaism | Ancient Greece | Ancient Rome

Early Christianity | Phoenicians/Lydians | Mayas | Incas | Aztecs


Phoenicians and Lydians






Phoenician merchants sailed throughout the Mediterranean bringing Lebanese cedar and Tyrian purple. They also founded important colonies such as Carthage. Resource: Phoenician Traders Cloze.

Test your students' general knowledge of Phoenicia and the ancient world with this crossword. Resource: The Phoenicians Crossword.


As Phoenician merchants sailed throughout the Mediterranean, they need to keep records of their trade. So they developed an alphabet, which became their greatest contribution to civilizations throughout history. Resource: The Phoenician Alphabet Cloze.