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Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece was divided into city-states, each with their own laws, customs, and government.  Resource: The Greek City-States Reading Comprehension and Discussion.

For more teaching resources and worksheets to review Greek city-states try the cloze and crossword. Resource: Greek City-states Cloze and Greek City-states Crossword.

Athenian democracy began under Cleisthenes and lasted for about 170 years. Male citizens were encouraged to participate in government, but most people living in Athens were still excluded. Resource: Athenian Democracy Cloze and Athenian Democracy Crossword.

The arts flourished in the Golden Age of Athens as Athens became the school of Greece under Pericles.Resource: Arts in the Golden Age of Athens Cloze.



Sparta was famous for its military society. One king in particular has become a symbol of Spartan military prowess. Resource: Spartan Military Society.

Spartan boys began their military training at the age of seven and stayed in the army until they were thirty. Even after being released they remained in the reserves in times of war until they were sixty. Resource: Sparta's Militaristic Society Cloze.

Test your students' knowledge of Sparta or have them research information on Sparta with this crossword. Resource: Sparta in Classical Greece Crossword.

Ancient Greece had a rich mythology. Test your students knowledge of  Greek mythology with these crosswords and cloze worksheets.